Building the Experience


Whether it’s one special night or a weekend extravaganza, U need to pay particular attention to the type of experience under construction. 

Identifying the goals and objectives of the event is a great first step. And understanding the folks you hope to have in attendance is an absolute necessity for success. But the knowledge has to be deeper than what tier guests are in and how well they are qualified. U need to put yourself in their shoes and really think about from where they are coming and where they will be going after the event. What is the arc U are creating? How will U help guests acclimate to the experience? Where do U want to take them next? What will it take for them to become receptive to the intended messages? Who are the best people to lead them on this journey? At any given point, when is enough enough? Knowing the answers to these questions will ensure that U are building something truly memorable.

Best Practices
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