Campaign Worthy Events


If asked, most people can come up with a fairly comprehensive list of the types of gatherings that are typically considered to be campaign events: there’s the public launch, followed by a regional tour of some sort, then perhaps a mid-point energizer and finally the finale.

But what about all of the standard institutional events that happen throughout a campaign – the homecomings and reunions, parents’ weekends and commencements? Should they fall under the campaign brand in some way? The answer is “probably.” As you begin to map out the years-long campaign engagement strategy, we urge you to consider these annual stalwarts and the roles they may play in bringing campaign messaging to important audiences. We are not suggesting that an actual ask for money be made at any of these but rather that if specific targeted audiences are coming together under the auspices of U then it behooves U to communicate in an appropriate way the opportunities and excitement generated by the campaign. How can they become fully engaged if they are not fully informed?

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