Don’t B Flat


It’s difficult to describe but you know it when you see it, hear it, feel it. So do your constituents. In fact, they are probably more sensitive to it than you are. Let’s call it tone deafness.

Regardless of terminology it can be the cause for certain connection points falling flat. Examples of it might be a blog that fails to gain traction, a publication that doesn’t garner attention or an invitation that doesn’t yield responses. Even worse is an event that does nothing to create the appropriate mood or deliver the intended message but instead gathers important audience members together to witness your institution missing the mark. It may be a near miss, but it’s a miss nonetheless. Just like those clarinet lessons in middle school, with practice you can get the tone just right. What’s the appropriate tempo? How long should it be? Which instruments are needed? Most important, who is listening and what piece will get their attention? You don’t have the luxury of playing only for U. It’s show time.

Best Practices
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