Don’t Take Orders, Take Charge


Sure, everyone loves to start with a clean slate – especially at the start of a new year. But the reality is that more often than not, we’re all building the plane as we fly it. Don’t be discouraged. Below we offer five tactics you can adopt immediately to show you know your stuff and are committed to producing effective, intentional events that are worth the investment.

Anticipate more, react less – Select a time and place based on the actual event goals and know who will be in the room so you can prepare for appropriate levels of hospitality. Easier said than done, but it’s possible if you bring leadership’s calendar keepers into the fold and make your case.
Put yourself in their shoes – Help your guests acclimate by creating a welcoming environment. Think about what says U besides a lovely floral arrangement. Don’t just brand the experience; brand the GUEST experience from arrival through departure. Be sure to curate the physical path you want them to take from arrival and registration to program and departure.
Edit, edit, edit – Pick 3 things you want guests to know when they walk out the door and find ways to layer this messaging throughout – signage at check-in, table tents, screen content. Will some of your team members want to include more? Sure, but empower yourself to push back.
Get emotional – Based on the event goals, bring out the appropriate emotions be they pride or nostalgia or gratitude. Remember to give guests something to brag about. They showed up wearing their love goggles for U so don’t disappoint them.
Know the end game – Let guests know what’s next in terms of engagement and help them understand what’s in it for them. Most of all, don’t make guests work. They are giving of themselves by attending so make it worth their while.

You will have noticed by now that these resolutions involve enlisting others in the quest. Foster camaraderie wherever you can. Team work makes the dream work!

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