Even Successful Campaigns Need a Boost


There comes a point in the life of every campaign, where it needs a little extra “oomph” so you might as well plan for it.

The timing is as individual as the institution, but there are a few typical points at which re-energizing is necessary. It isn’t serendipitous that these can coincide with major audience shifts, for example when the faculty and staff campaign opens or when the annual fund gets into the game and even when the regional tour turns to the “B” and “C” cities. Once again, determining who needs to be motivated at which point and by what will help to ensure that the plan (and the fundraising) stays on track. Some institutions opt for a mini relaunch to fully engage these new constituencies. For other schools, it’s allowing certain prospects to see the potential impact of their gift by showing examples of what’s been accomplished to date.

It also can be the perfect time to re-focus efforts on individual schools and units to help them achieve critical mass and meet their goal. Perhaps there is a donor recognition event that can work double duty as a mechanism for stewardship and inspiration. Even if there is no way to know exactly what will need help when, understanding that it will happen and keeping it on the radar will allow you to identify the need and develop the opportunities more easily and most successfully.

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