It’s Not Me, It’s U


It’s true. We had a good thing going years ago. In fact, I picked U out of the crowd as a really good fit once upon a time.

I thought U had a lot to offer and most of the time U gave me what I needed, what I wanted. But things have changed. I’ve moved on – metaphorically and also physically. Actually now that I say that, I’m wondering why U still send things to me at my parents’ address. Or send things to me at all. Earlier in our relationship, it seems that U could offer me the world. Now I’m confused by how needy U seem, always wanting something from me – time, input, MONEY. What’s up with that? Maybe if we had stayed in touch along the way, things would be different. Maybe if we had found a way to make the relationship more about us, more give and take from the very beginning I’d be more inclined to interact now. Hard to say. And now U want to buy me drinks, relive old times? Out of the blue U want to tell me all about yourself and what you’re doing now? Well, I’m sorry but I’ve moved on and U seem to be exactly in the same place as when I left. Poor U.

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