Knock Knock


The typical response to the joke is “Who’s there?” We suggest that the more important question is “Who wasn’t there?”

So much time and attention is put into ensuring that the guest experience is a knock-out for those folks who opted to attend. For sure, this is not the wrong approach – but it is a dangerously incomplete point of view. It is imperative for U to figure out who is not in the room and why. That’s the way U will build audience and awareness and just about any kind of engagement you desire. As soon as you begin to plan the event, U need to develop two tracks – one for those in attendance and one for those who didn’t attend. What will you tell them about the experience? How will you discover why they didn’t show up? When will you be in touch with them? Who will be responsible for owning the no-shows? This is the type of follow-up that is needed to avoid having the joke be on U.

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