One Size Does Not Fit All in Campaign Launches


It used to be that when someone mentioned a campaign launch, everyone knew just what was meant, i.e., one clear moment in time when key constituents gathered in one place to celebrate the institution and its quest for funding.

That’s not all there is to it any more. In fact, we would suggest that it was never just that one event; that was just the one that garnered all the attention. Regardless, today’s campaign kick-offs tend to be as varied as the schools hosting them. Sure, there are still the sit-down gala dinners but thankfully these now include more meaningful programming that brings the priorities to life. There is also a greater emphasis on bringing more constituencies into the celebration – from campus community events to fireworks for the surrounding neighborhoods. We’ve also seen schools that spread the kick-off events over both campus and key cities, especially if a campus-based event won’t draw important audiences. We applaud the variety, and the schools that know themselves and their stakeholders so well. If it brings people together and the case for support to life, chances are it’s the right approach for U.

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