One of the beauties of higher education is being surrounded by our targeted audiences.

We can ask current students what their admissions process was like and why they picked U. We can talk with alumni about their experiences in the hopes of figuring out why they do or don’t give or read or attend. One of the pitfalls of higher education is the easy (and potentially unhelpful) tendency to self-identify with our constituents. “When I receive mail from my alumni association.” “I never want to attend events that…” “For me…” We almost can’t help but refer to our own memories and experiences at school – despite the differences in our institution, our ages, our interests. Let’s make ourselves a promise that the next time we utter the phrases “I think, I feel, I believe” when it comes to who we are trying to reach, we finish the sentence with “…we need more research.” It’s almost never a good idea to be self-centered.

Best Practices
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