The 3 Rs


Regardless of the size of the gathering, when we develop programming we always think of teachable moments framed by the Three Rs. But not the ones from back in the day. Instead we think in terms of relevance, resonance, and recognition.

  •  Is the content applicable to the audience either personally or professionally? Are we sharing information they can use in some way or that they can pass along to someone else? Is it current and actionable? Are we certain that they will care about what we are saying?
  • Does the information connect with guests in an appropriately emotional way? Are we evoking feelings of nostalgia or pride? Conjuring excitement or joy? Eliciting empathy or compassion? Will they be able to tap into the feelings after the experience itself is over?
  • How are we acknowledging guests on a meaningful and personal level? Do we let them know that we appreciate the impact they have on the institution? Are we singing their praises to others who matter to them and in ways with which they are comfortable?

Building a program that accomplishes all of these isn’t necessarily easy, but it is essential.



Best Practices
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