The Not-So-Quiet Phase


A colleague recently used the term, “the loudest quiet phase ever,” to describe the leadership portion of the institution’s campaign.

It is a funny play on words but at its core can be a well-thought out strategy for moving the campaign and its messaging forward before shining a spotlight on it. During this phase, development teams test the waters with donors and prospects and the communications team hones its messages and identifies the stories that will be used to bring priorities to life. Don’t forget that events can also play an important role in the evolution of a campaign. This is the perfect time to take a closer look at which events are successful in drawing specific audiences and why. It’s also a worthwhile exercise to explore what a tiered approach to engagement might look like. Are there salons that will get the president or provost in front of the right people in a more consultative way? Is there regional programming that can be useful in assessing how messaging is received by live audiences? Could a new approach to board meetings help generate the enthusiasm necessary to get to the public launch? Events are that great moment where people have raised their hands and admitted that they are ready to listen and learn. Don’t forget to seize the opportunity.

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