Top 5 Tips for an Event Reboot



1. Juice vs Squeeze: Consider how much effort is going into the event measured against the results, be it impact or dollars raised. If the numbers aren’t adding up, think about what should happen next.

2. Keep the Good Stuff: Remember that there is A LOT going right with your event. Be sure to acknowledge that and keep what makes sense, is successful, or just needs a gentle tweak.

3. Take a Break: Would your annual event be more successful if it was bi-annual? Chances are, only a very few people are committed to the yearly agenda. Test the idea with key stakeholders.

4. Silence is Golden: If you do decide to take a year off and no one asks why, could be that no one really missed it. Warning: you’ll want to do a little digging before pulling the plug.

5. Rip the Band-Aid: After completing a thorough review of the event goals and objectives and how well they are being met, don’t be afraid to decide to sunset the event. Especially if it’s in favor of an engagement vehicle that WILL be able to achieve what’s needed.

Best Practices
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