Top 5 Tips for Event Planners


  • Become “besties” with the new president’s staff. They can assist in quickly flushing out your new leader’s style and preferences – especially when it comes to protocol – as you pull together a plan.

  • Don’t move forward without knowing where you’ve been. Capitalize on your university archivist’s expertise in learning what’s been done at previous ceremonies and the reasons behind it. Differentiate between traditions and bad habits. Is it time to revive or time for change?

  • Plan for both exit and entry. Will your current president be leaving sooner or later? How will this timeframe affect how your institution moves forward with events and planning?

  • Keep the ceremony short. While the ceremony is the centerpiece, it’s no doubt only part of a larger celebration and multiple events. The length of time doesn’t make it more special or memorable. Use your editor’s eye and keep it under two hours.

  • Build in personal touches. Beyond the protocol, the installation can provide the campus and stakeholders a glimpse into your new president’s personality and interests, while making the ceremony even more special for them. Examples: Inviting a family member to speak, incorporating a meaningful song.

Best Practices
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