Value Add


As we prepare for the typical springtime happenings like Reunion, Trustee meetings and Commencement, consider a few simple things that are sure to add value to every audience encounter.

  • Never pass up an opportunity to put a face on the institution through photography, video or real life encounters with students and faculty. People give to people.
  • If there is a screen, fill it – even if it’s “just” the conference room where Trustees will be gathering. A quick animation of images that have appeared on the homepage over the past 2-3 months adds life, not to mention a sense of welcome and finish to the room.
  • Take a moment to acknowledge any named spaces in which you are gathering. For example, “As we sit in Blank Hall, I can’t help but imagine how pleased Blank would be…” Help your guests connect the dots between history, private philanthropy and the future of the institution.
  • Brand the space to remind guests who is hosting and why they are in attendance. Sure, the reception is taking place in the Science Building atrium on campus, but does anything actually say “U” in a visual way that is suitable for photography – whether official or phone?
  • Add one thing to the occasion that can be customized or personalized by those in attendance. Figuring out how to do this at a Trustee meeting may be a little tricky but Reunion and Commencement just beg for this level of interaction.


Best Practices
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