What’s In It for Me?


Every one of us has (at least silently) asked this question. It’s not a bad question. It’s a human question. And when it comes to developing an effective engagement strategy, being able to answer it is an important step in defining success.

Our first impulse is likely to think about the donor or prospect’s perspective – what’s in it for them, why should they get/stay involved with U? Super important to know this but theirs is not the only perspective to consider. What about all of the internal stakeholders who are necessary when crafting this truly customized, interactive plan? What’s in it for the gift officer? And her VP? What about the Dean? And the Provost? And the faculty researcher with the whiz bang project that you want to show off? If you can answer the question from all of these perspectives, you will have engaged each of them in the success of the plan.

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