Who Do U Look Like?


“Who do U look like?” may seem like an odd question to ask an educational institution but it’s one that is always front and center for us.

It’s especially pertinent when we are in the midst of assembling the right players to be in a video, on a stage, basically anywhere that is front and center and supposedly representative of the organization. 

It’s often a challenging venture – one where politics can bump into pragmatism and aspiration must sit comfortably next to authenticity. Three things U might consider when presented with a similar exercise:

  • Honor earlier generations – it’s absolutely essential to give a nod to your historical roots, even if U no longer look quite that way now.
  • Acknowledge present demographics – and it’s just as important to truly represent who U are today. Your consumers are savvy – U know where they went to school.
  • Introduce the future – now this is where you can begin to paint a different picture, using palettes and textures that speak to the U of tomorrow.

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