The Educe process has been honed over decades of experience in higher education. The result? Authentic, intentional events that reflect each institution’s unique personality, campus culture, and traditions.

We measure our success by how well our work supports your strategic goals. So, the first question we ask is: “Why?”


Yes, we ask a lot of questions. Our team works with yours to tailor a process and deliverables to align with your capacity and vision. Our work can range from developing creative strategy and managing production to helping your team work through planning for a new opportunity.

  • Why is an event the best way to achieve your goals?
  • How will you define success…and how will you measure it?
  • How (and how well) do your key insiders play together?
  • What does your team do best, and where can we help most?
  • Which past events have truly soared—and which needed a different approach?


We immerse ourselves in your institution until we can sing your alma mater from memory. In 1-1 and small-group sessions with internal stakeholders and key constituents, we learn who you are, what you love, how you work together, and the best ways to connect with your audiences.

  • What strategic goals/mission does this event support?
  • Who’s listening to you—how do you know?
  • How engaged (or not) are your target audiences?
  • What would only a true insider know about you?
  • Which places, people, ideas, traditions resonate most?


We create a customized, detailed plan with actionable recommendations focused through the lens of your institution. Together we map out an execution plan that best uses resources—yours and ours—to deliver experiences that support your goals.

  • Storytelling by people with deep emotional resonance
  • Moments of celebration, humor, and fun—and moments for reflection
  • Meaningful connection points between advancement staff and guests
  • Content that deepens understanding and encourages follow-up