Campaign Celebration Programming

Exceeding Expectations

Helping a distinctive college celebrate a transformative capital campaign with events rooted in faith.

The close of a transformative capital campaign at the only college in the U.S. administrated by the Dominican Friars required a celebration that exceeded anything that had preceded it. Our Moment: The Next Century Campaign for Providence College was coming to a close as the most successful fundraising effort in the college’s 100-year history—with $185 million raised, 30 percent above the original goal. Educe joined forces with the college’s advancement team to help pull together a diverse array of elements into an integrated, on-message event on campus fitting this landmark moment in the college’s history.

Our team developed a detailed Run of Show plan for an inspiring event to celebrate the campaign’s completion and the close of PC’s centennial year. To honor this participation-driven capital campaign (over 35,000 donors, including 42 percent of alumni), as well as the mindful and grounded Dominican way, the event plan encompassed a weekend that honored both lead donors and included broader participation by mid-level donors, volunteers, and engagement councils.

The program plan, implemented by the college’s events team, included strategies for streamlining the donor recognition process, casting and preparation of speakers, use of multi-media, integrating moments of reflection and blessing, moments of gratitude, and ways to leverage headline performers and connect entertainment with mission-driven messaging.