Campaign Launch Creative Planning

Brighter World

Helping to ensure Tufts’ campaign launch illuminated its abiding culture of community and service.

Tufts University’s talented and seasoned advancement events team was more than qualified to deliver a truly “Jumbo” campaign launch for the $1.5 billion Brighter World: The Campaign for Tufts. Educe’s industry expertise, reputation for collaboration, and track record of creativity led to an invitation to work with the Tufts team to ensure that the event program reflected the big and bold thinking called for in this watershed moment for the university. Familiarizing ourselves with the community and culture of Tufts led us to make recommendations that helped to elevate the emotional energy of the launch event at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts through a distinctly impactful moment.

“Collaborating with Tufts’ internal team members led to a creative approach that felt authentic and captured the true spirit of the institution. We thoroughly enjoy working with strong teams who have a deep understanding of their culture and their audiences. The outcomes are very rewarding.”

JoAnn Peroutka, Co-Founder and Managing Principal, Educe

During two days of on-campus discovery, our team met with stakeholders throughout the university. We worked closely with the events team and colleagues throughout advancement to establish goals and objectives for the launch events, an overall event arc, and a draft programmatic flow and creative approach to bring the “Brighter World” theme to life.

One recommendation carried directly into the Boston campaign launch event was to recreate the beauty and warmth of the candlelight procession that is a traditional culmination of new student orientation. In a moment that connected many generations of Tufts alumni, a candlelight procession of students in Tufts’ award winning a capella groups encircled the crowd of 400 guests in light, a physical symbol of Tufts’ role as a beacon of light in the world, and the campaign’s support both for financial aid and for research and programs to solve real-world problems.