Centennial Regional Tour

Substance and Celebration

Highlighting critical issues of law and celebrating a centennial through must-attend events in key cities across the country.

For the past 100 years, Emory University School of Law has engaged in the progressive and practical mission of advancing the rule of law. With alumni in all 50 states, Emory Law celebrated its centennial year with a series of regional events in key markets, with programming focused on of-the-moment topics moderated by faculty experts. Among the speakers were a U.S. Court of Appeals judge, leadership from Fortune 500 companies, and a U.S. Congressman. Held in must-see venues with special access provided by Emory Law alumni and friends, the events attracted 240 percent more guests than originally anticipated.

“Thank you for all that you did to help make Emory Law’s regional centennial events such a big success! We defied gravity with record turn outs in all four cities, and they were very much high quality crowds. The environment and production were first rate, and all at the Law School could not be more pleased with the results and impact of these celebrations.”

William P. Kotti, PhD, Associate Vice President, Development & Alumni Relations, Emory University

The goal was to attract larger crowds than typically attend Emory Law regional alumni events by engaging distinguished host committees in each city and providing programming uniquely relevant to local audiences. Event programming needed to instill pride by honoring and celebrating the history and accomplishments of Emory Law, raise visibility and enhance reputation by building awareness for Emory Law’s impact, and articulate how the vision for Emory Law will continue to advance the rule of law globally throughout its second century.

Host committees were instrumental in successfully attracting record numbers of alumni, and each event’s program revolved around topical issues that highlighted Emory Law expertise in legal scholarship critical to the world, with program focus tailored to each city. Alumni and friends provided Emory-only access to key venues in each location, making each evening a can’t-miss event. Guests left the events with an understanding and appreciation for Emory Law’s relevance today, as well as its continuing impact on the rule of law.