Presidential Introductory Tour

One Lehigh, Many Stories

Taking a new president on the road to meet with thousands of alumni and friends—one story at a time.

What’s the best way to ensure that a new president starts off on the right foot? How about a 10-city tour that crossed the country and touched thousands of alumni and friends? Our Lehigh encouraged stakeholders from San Francisco to West Palm to meet newly-installed President John D. Simon, reconnect with friends old and new, and tell their unique and personal Lehigh story.

“Engaging the Educe team to assist in introducing President John Simon to the Lehigh community was rewarding, inspiring, and a true delight. Your thoughtful approach to understanding Lehigh and our determination to set a new threshold of expectation combined with the team’s knowledge of the cities visited made collaborating on the planning and production of this 10-city tour easy, effective, and reliable. Educe proved to be a true partner in this endeavor, and we will always look forward to having their special touches and insights influence the image of Lehigh University.”

John W. Welty, Deputy Vice President for Advancement, Lehigh University

Lehigh sought to introduce the new president in ways that would highlight his warm and approachable manner, while energizing constituents in key cities with the possibilities of the Lehigh of today and tomorrow. The events needed to gather alumni and friends in distinctive venues that showcased each city’s personality and encouraged guests to participate in the telling of Lehigh’s stories—old and new. Event communications proactively engaged with stakeholders across the country while encouraging them to “come home” to campus, in addition to joining the roadshow when it came to their city.

Programming tailored to the culture of Lehigh and the personality of its new president allowed for the sort of mix-and-mingle time that Mountain Hawks like best and encouraged one-on-one conversation with Lehigh’s new president. Messaging introduced elements of the sesquicentennial through “bragging rights” examples and encouraged guests to imagine Lehigh’s next claims to fame. Upscale venues (both trendy and traditional) were selected to elevate the guest experience and underscore a new commitment to excellence and intensity. Guests were asked to share their Lehigh stories online and to come back to campus for Alumni Weekend in the spring.